Empowered Charting for Fertility

Track your cycles more effectively to take control of your hormonal health and improve your fertility.

If getting pregnant has been difficult, you are not alone

1 in 6 couples struggle with infertility.

Whether you’re brand new to charting or you’ve been tracking your cycles for years, I can guarantee there are important clues to the state of your hormonal health that that are hiding from you in plain sight.

There’s a reason most natural fertility experts will ask to see your charts at your very first visit…

Empowered Charting, a step-by-step downloadable guide, will teach you everything you need to know about charting for fertility.

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Don't understand your chart?

Learn how to read your chart and what to look for in order to spot specific hormonal imbalances (including sample charts). I'll also show you what a normal chart looks like and what variations from that norm mean for your hormones!

Find out why...

you DON’T need to lose weight to get pregnant (regardless of what your doctor has told you).

Let me teach you...

why using progesterone cream isn’t a good solution to treating estrogen dominance… or low progesterone levels.

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Did you know...

one of the most popular and widely recommended fertility herbs can actually make hormonal imbalances worse?

Learn from a natural fertility expert 

I'm Kelly LeGendre, a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist who has been helping women grow their families naturally for over a decade. I'm so excited to partner with Natural Fertility and Wellness to teach the importance of really learning about your cycle.

I use a research-based approach to naturally optimize fertility through a combination of functional nutrition, lifestyle modification, and herbal medicine with a focus on helping women make motherhood a reality.

"This is the guide I wish I had when starting my TTC (trying to conceive) journey a year ago. Kelly explains hormones in a simple way that is not overwhelming. She gives you the knowledge and tools to understand and track and your cycles with confidence."


Don't miss out!

Charting is the most effective way to learn about your body. 

Not only does it help you take control of your fertility, the information you learn can also help you live your most vibrant life.

Become an expert of your own body and grab your guide to Empowered Charting right now!

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